Clube Aurora it’s the sun, the sea and the sand

It is living the winter craving for the summer

It’s the coolest bikini and a fancy beach

A stylish swimsuit and the best book to read in the shade

It is ending the day in a sunset party

A dip in the sea on a full moon night

Club Aurora is being happy in the sun with so much and so little at the same time.

T H E   B R A N D


Clube Aurora is a 100% Portuguese women beachwear brand that combines simplicity, design and exclusivity with comfort offering nice cutting parts, designed for different body types and using sophisticated and unexpected materials.

Inspired  by the summer days and the beach lifestyle the brand is aimed at all women who like feeling beautiful and confortable on a hot summer day (that oftens ends only when night sets in...).

The design and manufacture are proudly Portuguese and the materials come from different parts of the world always with the guarantee of quality that is essential for the confort and the nice cuts of the pieces as well as its durability.

T H E   C L U B ( E )


In addition to our online store we also offer a living & lifestyle section for all those who are really interested in the beach universe.

At the "Clube" menu we offer different content related to summer lifestyle such as: best beaches to go; travels to run from the cold on winter time; books to read in the shade; the best restaurants ate the beach; recipes for a fresh & healthy meal in a hot day... all those little things that make us so happy in the summer!


well... Welcome to the Club(e)!

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